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In Recanati stands the Malleus Castle, home of the Bottega Amanuense, a calligraphy workshop, creation of parchments and graduation diplomas since 1988.

A unique place, created and directed by Enrico Ragni, aka Màlleus, where the tradition of calligraphy, hand-copying of books and illuminated manuscripts as in the scriptorium of monks in the Middle Ages is brought back to life. Here the passion for ancient writings and graphics come together to give life to true works of art.

Calligraphy workshop, creation of hand-written parchments and graduation diplomas since 1988.

The passion to pass on and preserve an ancient art

The Malleus Castle in Recanati was conceived as the ideal headquarter for the Antica Bottega Amanuense. Founded in 1988 by the Master calligrapher and engraver Enrico Ragni, it is a rarely in its field. It has operated for over 30 years as the official supplier of the major Italian universities, designing and handwriting thousands of graduation diplomas a year.

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