The largest calligraphy workshop in Europe

Thanks to a historical research carried out on the monasteries of the Marche region, in particular: in the Scriptorium of San Silvestro in Fabriano and in the monasteries of Fonte Avellana and Chiaravalle di Fiastra, Malleus designs a part of the Castle exactly as these places were built in the past when they still operated.

The building is oriented in the perfect angle with respect to the cardinal points, allowing the correct distribution of sunlight at any time of the day and in every month of the year, without the sun's rays beating directly inside the room and interfering with the work of scribes, exactly as it used to be in the Middle Ages where there was no electricity.

But without depriving oneself of what modern times have made available to us, such as the very useful light tables…

The art hidden inside the castle

In the world of the Bottega Amanuense the ancient rule of the Benedictine monks 'Orat et Labora' still applies. The scriptorium is the room inside the Malleus Castle where all the Works of the Amanuense Workshop are created. Our task, as Amanuensi, is to always make written words counts as in the latin phrase:


Each creation is made respecting the ancient traditions of the Amanuensis to whom we owe all the handing down of culture to the present day. The works created in the Castle are faithful reproductions of the originals but with some modern reinterpretations, perfectly blending tradition and innovation.

A rare artisan excellence of graphic arts, the Bottega produces meticulous pictorial decorations of miniatures and golden drop caps, certificates of honor for anniversaries, anniversaries, awards, foundations, bodies and institutions.

Diplomas and certificates for degree courses, private schools and associations. Wedding invitations and handwritten invitations with sealing wax and tableau mark for the ceremony. Personalized calligraphy for dedications, poems and luxurious gift ideas.

Each creation is made respecting the ancient traditions of the Amanuensis Monks. The materials used are the same as then: goose nibs, vegetable and animal parchment, natural inks, tempera, pure gold, sealing wax and handmade paper.

The inks are made internally in our alchemical laboratory using the same recipes of antiquity.

Thus works are created whose value is enriched by their uniqueness …

… masterpieces that defy time.

The III Millennium Scribes

The Modern Amanuensis Manifesto written by Malleus and painted on the walls of the Castle by the scribes of the Bottega.

By 'Amanuensis Art' we mean the works of:

Calligraphy, Miniature, Binding & Engraving

Corsi di Calligrafia



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