Laboratory of the Art of Calligraphy, Parchment and Miniature since 1988

The passion to pass on and preserve an ancient art

The Malleus Castle in Recanati was conceived as the ideal location for the Antica Bottega Amanuense. Founded in 1988 by the master calligrapher and engraver Enrico Ragni, aka Malleus, it has operated for over 30 years as the official supplier of the major Italian universities, designing and completing by hand thousands of degree diplomas a year.

A rare artisan excellence in graphic arts, the Bottega takes inspiration from the millennial tradition of copying illuminated manuscripts as in the ancient scriptoriums of monks in the Middle Ages to create collectible graphic works.

Small masterpieces of calligraphy

In addition to graduation certificates, Bottega Amanuense meticulous produces pictorial decorations of codes with golden drop caps in pure gold, and a wide range of certificates of honor for merits and honorary citizenships, commemorative parchments for anniversaries of public and privates organisations.

Besides, personalized calligraphy manuscripts for occasions to remember, for corporate anniversaries, awards, foundations and associations. Paintings and registers for regional, municipal and institutional offices. Certificates for professional courses, qualification courses and for private schools. Wedding invitations with personalized monogram, sealing wax brand and tableau for the ceremony. Custom-made pictorial works for the client for dedications, poems and luxurious gift ideas, and much more.

For over 30 years we have been rewriting history … in fair copy!

The beauty of calligraphy to imprint an important event in the memory.

Bodies, Institutions & Professional Orders

Dedicated works for all Italian official bodies such as municipalities, provinces, regions and professional associations.

Scrolls, Diplomas & Certificates

Certificates, certificates, diplomas of merit and parchments for associations, universities, companies, sports federations, foundations and individuals.

Illuminated Codes, Heraldry & Unique Pieces

High-level pictorial works for those looking for accurate reproductions of ancient manuscripts, miniatures, heraldic crests, family trees and texts with initials.

Calligraphy for Invitations, Poems & Dedications

Personalized calligraphic artwork for all kinds of occasions: anniversaries, weddings, graduation,retirement parties and much more.

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Corsi di Calligrafia



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